Hello, I am Jessica.

I am a love and life photographer, I am a Mother to THREE beautiful and full of life children, and I am a Fitness Fanatic. Being a Mother and Photographer, I have learned to appreciate all of the small things that make this beautiful world we live in. Through my lens and with my creativity, I capture special moments with raw, true emotion and turn them into art. I create stories for families that when your childrens’ children look through the pictures, they will instantly feel the love and happiness in your life. I believe that no moment should ever go undocumented. 

Jessica Unplugged.

  1. I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas but now call the Central Coast of California my home.
  2. I have an amazing man in my life that I LOVE with all of my heart and soul, Scott.
  3. I love and I am a volleyball coach.
  4. I am a Christian, I love GOD, and I pray every. single. night.
  5. I love sweet tea and working out, at the same time. 1+1 = 3 right?.
  6. I have a total of 7 brothers and sisters.
  7. I love to create wall art, digital, canvas, and chalkboards.
  8. My favorite all time music is any and all Texas Country, but I love all music.
  9. My favorite dessertis Southern-Style Banana Pudding and Peach Cobbler.
  10. I may have a teeny-tiny addiction to Starbucks and coffee.


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